Special Rules on Ability Scores

Ability scores will not increase at the regular +1 per four levels. Each action you choose to make can affect your overall ability scores. Below are examples of what actions can increase your ranks in an ability score based on type. These rules are very flexible, and subject to the GMs good will. If you have a good argument for why what you’re doing would increase an ability score, let me know, and I’ll consider it.

Strength – Strength training, manual labor, melee criticals, nat 20 strength based skills
Dexterity – finessed melee or ranged attack crit, nat 20 dex based skills, stretching
Con – endurance training, healing over time, running, long marches, nat 20 con based skills
Int – studying texts, logic problems, nat 20 int based skills, highest level spell cast
Wisdom – philosophy, highest level spell cast, nat 20 wis based skills
Charisma – social interactions, highest level spell cast, nat 20 cha based skills

Ability Score Ranks Table
1-10 = 10 ranks
11-12 = 20 ranks
13-14 = 30 ranks
15-16 = 40 ranks
17-18 = 50 ranks
19-20 = 60 ranks
21-25 = 100 ranks
26-30 = 200 ranks

Be forewarned, ability scores can also decrease. Only magical ability damage can be healed by magic. If you pull a muscle, decreasing either your strength or dexterity, you will have to regain it the old fashioned way: by exercising. As such, fumbles may seem more devastating, but keep in mind that your ability scores can go up rapidly during down time if you spin a story well enough.

Special Rules on Ability Scores

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